About The Artist

Jan received her degree in Social Science from Cal Poly in 1972. After school she found she could never lay aside her drive to create and be involved in the arts. Her life long love of the arts has led her down many paths, including pottery, painting and now deep carved glass and airbrushed painting. In 1995 she became intrigued by thick "float" (ordinary green) glass. She observed a broken piece of this glass and was captivated by how it reflected light. It's prismatic effects resembled water. She thought it would be wonderful to combine that look with aquatic themes, or even better, with water. Seeking inspiration from The Creator, her quest to create such things began.

Jan developed a successful line of fountains and luminaries. Since then she has added many larger pieces to her repertoire. Some of these include: large wall installations, pantry doors, mirrors, showers, entry windows, tables, pony walls, sculpture, and donor walls. Permanent works from Jan's studio pepper residences and commercial complexes in Jan's northern California region of Redding. A mural 10' x 20' depicts a tropical forest in the Northstate Blood Center. Win River Casino's stairway is divided by a 9' x 12' glass panel illustrating their eagle and Mt. Shasta logo. Applebees, the Eastgate Medical Complex, Lakewood Alzheimer's Home, and multi-million dollar homes are other places where her works reside. She also shows her work in several galleries across the United States.

Jan continues to find new avenues for her endless creativity. Most recently she has teamed up with another artist, Dan Ferrarese, to create Synergistic Arts. Synergistic Arts represents a collaboration where "the combination of the elements is greater than the sum of the individual parts." Their work is comprised of free standing sculptural and architectural art glass in combination with stone, metals, woods and various embellishments. It features hand chiseled, deep carved and etched glass, along with gold leafing, slumped glass, coloration and texturization. This new collaboration, along with continuing her individual art, is providing Jan with many opportunities to create, and to develop new depth to her artwork.